In order for "cry wolf" to apply wouldn't she have to make these claims and NOT be covered with 3rd degree burns? Is the implication here that it's more likely that a bunch of people of color got dressed up in white robes with pointy hats , set her on fire, wrote racial slurs on things so they could punish a member… » 10/23/12 4:54am 10/23/12 4:54am

My favorite solution (no pun intended) for stubborn clogged sinus, and anything that's bothering me in my sinuses, is to use Alkolol. Together with a small delivery device you basically stand with your head between your knees and inhale some diluted Alkolol into your sinuses. Let it sit like that a few moments and… » 9/17/12 7:22am 9/17/12 7:22am

Lighting a fire?? Awesome idea! Let's bridge these industries together. I want a warehouse full of journalism students cranking out material for Prefix. I could pay them all $1 per article, after all, I'm supplying them with experience too... I would even pay for the charcoal (for the motivation) out of my… » 9/13/12 5:30am 9/13/12 5:30am

Combination of the answers already given... Spray bottle with a hiss. Every cat we have had has been AWESOME to the point that "dog people" exclaim that they would have owned a cat a long time ago had they known they could be taught to behave that way. Wrestle with them and play with them like a dog. Seems weird… » 8/26/12 2:45pm 8/26/12 2:45pm